Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's May Miles

My family doesn’t really do “typical” or “normal” very well. Instead of the usual Mother’s Day brunch or large family event, my mom asked if we could all go on a bike ride.

los gatos creek trail
My mom on the ride

We did a nice 20-mile ride along the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Because we love to eat, we planned our ride so we could have a great lunch at the halfway point. We stopped in at a local pizza place and split a tasty pizza and some salads. (I meant to take a picture of my salad… but I might have eaten it all in my hunger-crazed state before I remembered that plan. I guess you will just have to trust me that it was tasty.)

treading lightly cycling

It was great to get outside and take a break from my crazyschedule. The weather was amazing. It was in the high 70s and low 80s the entire ride, which was comfortable in bike shorts and a tank (and about an entire bottle of sunscreen slathered on me). The trail is covered by trees along the way so it has pockets that are cool. Where the creek isn’t channeled and overly engineered, you can see fish swimming (and I mean big fish, more than a foot or two long) and the birds diving in and out of the water. At one point we had to stop riding so a group of geese waddle across the path.

los gatos creek trail 4

I’m looking forward to more warm days and more days out on the bike, especially if my knee keeps acting up and I can’t hit the streets for a run.

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