Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Miles

While I originally thought of May as the month I would build my monthly running milage, my body might have other plans for me. I'm currently battling a bit of tendonitis in my knee, and I have to first rest and rehab before I can really be running much. I'm hoping that by the second or third week of the month I will be back to slowly adding miles, but it doesn't look like it will be the massive running challenge I had imagined.

swimming, swim cap, goggles, pull bouy
But that doesn't mean that my May Miles challenge will go to waste. Instead I will use it to increase my swimming and biking miles. As frustrating as an injury can be, every injury is an important reminder or lesson, and it provides an opportunity to improve. For me my lesson was to listen to my body sooner instead of waiting for it to develop into a full-blown injury. And since my legs can't pound the pavement as much as I used to or lift heavy at CrossFit, I am taking the opportunity to get back into swimming for the summer months and work on some technique and upper body strength at CrossFit (all while doing some super fun rehab exercises to get back in action). And with such beautiful weather, who could be upset about going for a swim?

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