Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why Women Run

I got this month's issue of Runner's World in the wake of Boston (the problem with having your mail forwarded, it's always insanely late). Most of the magazine was full of cheerful essays about what running the Boston Marathon meant and projections about how it would play out. But in the aftermath of the bombing, I couldn't bring myself to read any of them. 

vibram five fingers, women's running shoes

Instead I got caught up in a story about why women run ("Why Do Women Run?"), and I found myself oddly frustrated with the whole thing. The ultimate answer given was "because they're human." Really? I was dissatisfied with their answer, so I started to think about why I run. They should of said because:

1. Running builds confidence.
2. It pushes the limits of what you thought you could ever do.
3. It makes that voice in your head that doubts you shut up for a while.
4. It's relaxing.
5. It has no expectations for you, and I have no expectations of my performance or ability. 
6. It's fun.
7. It can be competitive or another way to spend time with a friend.
8. It takes you places.
9. Runners are a community that looks out for one another and encourages each other.
10. It's nearly impossible to not feel good about yourself after a good run, or any run for that matter.

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