Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Battle With Sugar: week 2

I finally did it. For the first time since starting my sugar challenge I stayed under the AHA’s recommendation of 33 grams of added sugar per day. I kept my daily intake to 30 grams! I’ve been mixing up what I eat, but overall I’ve done pretty well at hitting 33 or just above every day. I have stopped wanting something sweet constantly and Friday after lunch I didn’t even reach for a piece of chocolate from the bowl at work.

One of the biggest things I learned this week was how much sugar is added into everything. I bought dried fruit and because it did not say sweetened on the front I ignorantely assumed there was no sugar added. I was incredibly wrong!

dried fruit ingredients suga content

Because of my nut allergy I usually read nutrition labels and ingredient lists as if they contain the secrets of my future, but for things that I know are nut free I’ve clearly been a little laxed. Now I’m on a witch hunt for sguar, and it seems to be slipped in everywhere. Also labled as dextrose, maltodextrine, sucrose, corn sweetener, evaporated cane juice, and any syrup, the sweet stuff won’t be sneaking into my cart any time soon.

super salad healthy shaved beets hard boiled egg

Are you trying to cut back on added sugar but can’t seem to beat the cravings? Try eating a piece of sweet fruit (fresh or dried) or a vegetable like sweet potato. I've also been adding sweeter vegetables like sweet potato and beats to my salad, and it's really helped – satisfying and nutritious. 

Where is sugar lurking in your fridge and cabinets? How much sugar do you consume in a day?

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