Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sustainable Valentine's Day

Ditch the dirty chocolate, the toxic flowers, and the wasteful balloons. This Valentine's Day instead of trying to show your love and appreciation with stuff, try these sustainable tips instead.

orange and yellow daisy bottle for a vase valentine flower single flower 2

1. Just say it. Do you need the balloon or the bear with "I love you" written on it? Isn't actually saying it better? Leave the cheesy card in the store and put it in your words instead.

2. Desperate to put it in writing? Make a card. Even a carefully crafted (handmade! not from a template) electronic card can melt his or her heart. Write a poem, make a list of favorite memories, why you love them, or whatever you can think of.

3. Stay in. Dinner out on Valentine's Day is expensive and crowded. Plus, making dinner says more than paying for the check. Take the time to make your Valentine's favorite dish or cook together.

4. If you can't give up the chocolate, go fair trade and organic. Many top chocolate companies contribute to slavery, deforestation, pesticide use, and child labor. Some of my favorites are Theo, Divine Chocolate, Taza Chocolate, Madecasse, and Nicobella (yummy vegan truffles). 

5. Buy a single organic flower. No need for a full bundle. Better yet, pick on from your yard.

6. Turn off the TV and spend time with each other. Save the energy and reconnect instead. 

Still hunting for more? Check out last year's ideas or my adorable Valentine from my roommate. 


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