Monday, February 18, 2013

Meditation Update: Week 2

It turns out people aren't used to other people lying down with their feet up the wall to meditate. In my work environment it is completely normal to kneel on the ground to talk to someone who is lying on the floor, resting with their feet up the wall, or just stretching. I forget that is not normal to the rest of the population. 

legs up the wall meditation yoga

I meditated at least every other day this week. I've decided to embrace meditating before bed and throw everyone's warnings to the wind. For five minutes before going to sleep I rest with my legs up the wall and the lights off for a quick, relaxing meditation. It's my favorite way to meditate after a hard night at CrossFit or a long run. I can imagine the soreness and exhaustion draining out of my legs, and it keeps them from twitching and aching when I'm trying to relax. Also, because I sit cross-legged nearly constantly (including as I write this), I struggle to meditate in lotus or being upright. 

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