Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Protein Powder Free

Between CrossFit, running, and yoga I only have one day a week where I completely rest. I am training for a half marathon and I have goals for CrossFit that I am trying to achieve. There are some days where I have two-a-days. Because of all of this I am even more careful than before to make sure I get enough protein as an active vegetarian (at least 50 grams per day), but I will not drink protein powders.

Beyond the fact that I am not trying to be a body builder and that I cannot get over the disgusting chalky texture, I won't drink protein powders. Years ago I read Michael Pollan's "Food Rules" I have done my best to only eat things from nature that have not been processed or man-made. 

Protein powders, whether whey, soy, or another protein, are heavily processed and full of additives. It's better to eat whole, natural foods that provide protein as well as other nutrients. In addition protein powders make you more likely to eat more protein than your body needs, which can harm your kidneys. While it may be convenient to get 20 or more grams all at once, it's better for your body to eat natural sources.

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