Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to declutter and appreciate the items you have

One of the most important things for me about my living space is that it needs to be clutter-free. I am one of those people that when items are strewn about a room or a space feels over-crowded I get physically uncomfortable. I can't stand a lingering mess or an abundance of items. 

When my room is a mess I feel anxious and cannot focus. A clean, organized room makes keeping the rest of my life organized and on task so much easier. 

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Staying organized and clutter free doesn't have to be hard. It just takes getting into a habit.
1. Everything has a place. It is so tempting when I first enter my room to drop everything in my hands on my floor and desk and move on. I sometimes get in the nasty habit of piling clothes, especially jackets, on my desk chair. Once you have determined where all of your items live, put them back exactly where you found them when you are done. It might take a few extra seconds and maybe even a few steps, but your space will benefit immensely. 

2. Cut back. I am constantly trying to balance my needs versus my wants. There are items I own that I need, and others that just get in my way and take up space. Be willing to really question what you need, while being completely realistic about the space you have, and be ready to let things go. Sell back clothes you haven't worn in months (not clothes intended for warmer weather that you just can't pull off in the middle of winter) to your local thrift or used clothing store. Donate items in good condition to a local organization or your friend's closet. 

3. Stay strong. Sometimes the hardest part of staying organized is keeping items from creeping back into your life. I feel like every time I finally let go of a magazine, I end up having a new one that lives on my desk for months because I think I might want to go back and read it again or refresh my mind on that one tip or article. Don't let yourself fall back into bad habits. 

4. Just say no! Shopping, thrifting or trading can be great when you get exactly what you need. But don't overdo it! 

5. Set boundaries. I have a closet and a single dresser. I could easily add to the amount of storage space I have, but I won't. Limiting the amount of space I allow my items to take up means I cannot just fill it with things I don't need. When you live in a small space you have to be incredibly economical with it and you only keep items that truly fill a need.

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