Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eat and Run

More than a year ago I fell in love with running thanks to Christopher McDonald's "Born to Run." Nothing was more instrumental in getting me out of the house, into some barefoot shoes, and into the peace and comfort that a run can provide. Because of this book and the fact that Scott Jurek has clearly proven the power of a well planned vegan diet, I decided to read his book, "Eat and Run: my unlikely journey to ultramarathon greatness." 

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While I personally think running more than a half-marathon is insanity, hearing Jurek's story of how he became engrossed in ultramarathons was eye opening. But more than anything what I got out of it was an even deeper appreciation of food not only as fuel, but also as medicine for the body. His clean, whole foods, vegan diet is what was truly inspring for me.

With CrossFit, running, cycling, swimming, yoga and everything else I like to do, I worry I'm not giving my body enough fuel and protein to rebuild. After hard CrossFit workouts I can be sore for days. After reading "Eat and Run," I have a new appreciation for speeding my own recovery with pure, wholesome foods instead of trying to find some sort of magical supplement that makes it all better.

Jurek's story kept me intrigued as I completely devoured his book. I bookmarked just about every recipe to come back to and try later, and when I am outside wanting to turn around and just go home or staring down the weight on a heavy lift it's easy to think of all of the things he's accomplished and push myself a little bit further. 

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