Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sustainable decorating: Inspiration Wall

Over the summer I was wasting time on the incredibly addicting Pinterest when I stumbled across an image of someone's bulletin board that was full of inspring quotes and their goals. I built off the idea to expand it onto a full goal or inspiration wall instead of just a small board. 

I wake up every morning to this wall. It's one of the first things I see. I had a great time cutting everything out and arranging it on my wall, but what I have really enjoyed is being able to complete some of those goals and add achievements to the wall as well. (For instance I raced a 5k and placed my number from the run on the wall with the goal over it.)

I mostly used magazine cutouts, but you can really use anything. 

Now my previously plain white wall is an encouragement to remember what I am working for and to achieve my goals. 

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