Thursday, September 6, 2012

You don't need that

Almost every day at work I get emails from PR groups that feature their clients' latest samples and products. I get packages in the mail from companies that want us to review their products. I get to see a lot of yoga gear before it's available for sale, especially clothing.

And every day I have to remind myself, "you don't need that." It's to the point where "you don't need that" is my daily mantra, repeated every time I have that tugging of desire for an object that isn't a true necessity for me. 

I would love to say that my mantra has kept me from buying more than I need, but that would be a lie. Some days I slip up, and I treat myself to an item that was on my want list, not my need. But it is still a powerful tool for me to control impulse buys and the constant nagging from ads and all of the other sources that egg us to buy things.

When I pass ads in the BART station or a bus drives past me, it's empowering to say "I don't need that" (in my head. It is San Francisco, so I could probably talk out loud and get some more space on the sidewalk, but I still keep these to myself).

As I am starting to pack all of my things to move back to school, in the back of my mind I have been evaluating everything I pack. If I don't need it, it goes into the giveaway pile. 

Are there things in your life you don't need anymore that you can donate or sell? Do you really need to buy that new item that has been catching your attention? 

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