Friday, September 14, 2012

Sustainable dorm decorations

Dorms seem to have an uncanny resemblance to jail cells (not that I have first hand experience of a jail). The walls are blindingly white and blank and the floor is either industrial tile or carpet. When I first move in I always feel overwhelmed by the oppressive, empty walls. 

In order to make my room feel a little more like a home and less like a jail (or dorm), I try to fill my walls with some color and personal items. Because dorms often have strict rules about paint, hanging things on the walls/ceilings, and just about everything else that makes a room feel like home, decorating takes a bit more creativity. 

This year I bought handmade prints from Etsy to liven up my walls and create a focal point above my bed. 

Print images courtesy of Owl You Need Is Love

I like to make sure that all of the things I buy to decorate my room can be used when I move out (that lava lamp might seem really cool today, but I doubt I would want that when I'm in my first real apartment). I also choose items that can be easily repurposed or recycled when I am done with them. These prints are recyclable when their life is over, but they will also transition well into the real world with me after graduation.


  1. I agree that colors provide a different impact on the wall and to the entire room. You need to show your creativity if you want to have a sustainable decorations in your room. Thanks for sharing this clever adea.

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