Saturday, September 29, 2012

Step away from the iPhone

Three and a half years ago I bought the iPhone 3GS and it revolutionized my life. When I was in awkward or boring situations I could pull it out and avoid talking to other human beings or engaging in the world around me. I could check my email the second I woke up, fall asleep to people I am not even friends with status updates, and challenge my multiple personalities to epic Tetris battles.

But let's be honest, despite my cynical musings, I am addicted to my smart phone. When the iPhone 5 came out last week I had that instant "I need that" reaction. In the days after it's release I had convinced myself that my phone was breaking, old, falling apart, and I would be much better off with the five. I put it on my "buy with my next paycheck list" and continued to stare at all of the shiny pictures online. 

Over the last week I slowly came to realize that the five isn't all I had made it out to be. My old phone performs just as well for what I need. It may be slow and increasingly outdated, but I can still do everything I need to do with it. My phone is not broken, obsolete, or even that old. 

I crossed the phone off my list today. Here's to at least four years for my functional 3GS. May I keep you safe and well taken care of until you turn off forever.

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