Monday, September 17, 2012

My last first day of school (hopefully)

Today is my last first day of school (not counting any possible graduate school). It's crazy to think that it was 17 years ago when I got frustrated with my mom for wanting to take pictures of my first day of preschool when I really just wanted to get to class already. (I would have shared those awesome pictures of my irritated death glare in front of the school, but I didn't think to drag them out this summer.)

Image courtesy of Peanut Butter Fingers

Even though I am not nearly as excited to start school this year as I was then, I am still looking forward to this year. This is most likely (unless I freelance after college) my last year where napping after lunch and watching cartoons in the morning is perfectly acceptable. It's the last time I can drop what I'm doing and go for a run any time of day. It's also the last year that getting up at 8 a.m. is early.

Instead of a purple plastic lunch box, I will head off to school laptop in hand to tackle one last year.

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