Friday, August 10, 2012

Dorm living must haves: glasses and silverware

When I was planning to have a kitchen last year I imagined myself cooking multiple times per week and doing all sorts of intricate baking. I'm not really sure where this delusion came from given the fact that I had been in school for two years already and I knew how busy I usually am. This year I have a much better grasp on reality and what I will really need. 

I don't regret any of the things I bought at the beginning of school last year because I know when I am out of school I will use it all, but I do have a much better understanding of my necessities. 

Two of the best purchases I made were also two of the cheapest. It seems like most college students live off of red cups or their slightly fancier reusable version. Instead I opted for canning jars, and they were seriously the best purchase. I have not stopped finding uses for my jars. They are great for leftovers, to bring a drink with me, use as a vase, and of course, drink out of. 

My other great buy was my silverware "set" off eBay. Even with six people eating most meals in our apartment, we never ran out of forks and rarely were hunting for spoons. 

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