Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest Miracle Cleaners Test: Microfiber Couch

Our couch was digusting. It was so gross that whenever people would come to visit us we would all try to cram onto the couch so the guests wouldn't see it or sit on it. 

Since we bought the couch more than 6 years ago, we were never able to clean it. Any time we tried with a wet rag it would stain the couch a dark color. It had gotten to the point where one cushion was completely stained dark, and the other had blotchy stains all over it. 

The "miracle" cleaner: rubbing alcohol
According to the Pintertest pin, all you had to do was fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, saturate the material, and scrub the couch down with a rag or a sponge. The theory behind the cleaner is that rubbing alcohol evaporates faster than water and other spilled liquids, which means it wouldn't leave behind any marks or stains. 

I was skeptical to say the least, but the pin and the blog had pictures of a sofa in desperate need of cleaning and one that looked near new, so I tried it. I first flipped over the cushion and found the least obvious spot on the side to test the cleaner and make sure I wasn't damaging the material. There was no staining or bleaching, so I powered on and started on the dirtiest cushion.

The rag I was using immediately came away completely disgusting with dirt in the perfect shape my hand had been on the other side of it. I used an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol to clean the whole couch as well as 4 rags. But now that it's clean it all looks like the first patch I did. 

This one definitely works, just be sure to open all of the windows in the room you are cleaning in. Taking a brush (I used a clothes brush that takes off hair and other lint) and rubbing it over the fabric to bring the fibers back up also helps to take out any matting that occurred during the cleaning as well as make your cleaning look more even and less patchy. Overall, it's cheap, fairly environmentally friendly, easy, and worth trying.

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