Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cutting Back: Magazines and Keepsakes

While packing I have come to realize just how many items I have been holding on to that don't serve any purpose other than to remind me of something. I keep finding magazines with that one great article I want to read again or ones that I think could be a potential place for me to work in the future. I also keep finding movie tickets and little keepsakes like the beautiful empty bottle of prosecco from my 21st birthday. 

Instead of trying to find room for all of this stuff and dragging it from school to my parents' house and back again, I am letting go... sort of. I have been cutting out those articles that I really want to keep and putting them all in a single folder, a lot like my yoga binder. As for the keepsakes, the little tickets and notes from friends I am keeping, but the bigger items like the bottle will be digitized and stored with the rest of my pictures from that event. 

Through this entire week I think everyone in my apartment has become addicted to giving things away and cutting back. It feels amazing to let all of these things go and only keep what I really need. 

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