Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend adventures: Santa Cruz

Last weekend I went on a staff retreat in Santa Cruz. I have been to Santa Cruz a few times before, but always to go to an event (like a wedding or outdoor ed.). Because of Santa Cruz's reputation for only housing hippies (not true), I was expecting to be in a fairly environmentally aware community, but I was still surprised by it. 

When we were walking to the beach there were so many people out on their bikes or walking. It was great to see so many bike lanes actually being used. Just a few minutes away from where we were staying there was a cool used furniture store. 

Image courtesy of Alec

I wish I had more time to explore what else Santa Cruz had to offer, but in the time I was able to spend there I was completely enamored (although partly this is because it was so much like the town I'm from near San Francisco and the weather was particularly amazing last weekend). I need to go back and eat at the vegan restaurant everyone raves about. I can't wait to go and see what else I can find. 

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