Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sustainable birthday party

I have been looking forward to my birthday for about a month, mostly because of the party my mom had been planning. My mom made sure that everything we used at the party was sustainable and nearly everything could be reused. 

While in the city a few months ago we found these stunning jars that would be great for drinks and then to use for food containers/ glasses later on. I can keep them long after I move out, and I will always remember when I got them.

Because I currently live in university housing, the decor is unimagined and industrial. My mom found these paper poofs to hang from the ceiling and bring some life and fun to the place. I'm going to move them upstairs and hang them in my room. 

Sorry, some fell down and the picture didn't work out well.

I'm still enjoying the leftovers from the paninis, fresh fruit and vegetables, and dips from the amazing dinner my mom made. All in all it was a great 21st birthday. 

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