Saturday, March 31, 2012

Humus Havoc

I have finally started to like humus after years of being afraid to even try it. Because I had been eating so much in the past few months I decided it was a great idea to try to make my own. I don't know if it was because I haven't had major failure in the kitchen for a while or if my karma was somehow skewed, but the humus was a mess from the start.

I decided to cook the beans myself instead of using them from a can because it is cheaper and uses less packaging (dried beans vs. canned). The smell of the cooking beans was so bad that I seriously questioned my sanity for thinking that making this on my own was such a brilliant idea. However, things didn't start to really fall apart until I started using the blender. 

The recipe said to use a blender to get a smoother humus, and I dutifully complied. However, after only a few minutes the blender started to smell weird and I was making little progress towards actually breaking down the beans. Once the smell got stronger I called in reinforcements and my mom and I tried to coerce the poor thing into just finishing the job.

No luck. Instead the blender completely stopped working, and refuses to turn on since. I ended up switching to the food processor, which held up to the beans significantly better, to finish the job. 

I am really not sure anyone would call what I made humus (which is why I have left out the recipe). What I made is an incredibly thick, tasteless paste. With some extra oil and cumin I was able to make it palatable, but for now I think I will leave the humus to the professionals. 

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