Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adventures in San Francisco: Treasure Island Flea

Yesterday my parents and I decided to visit the Treasure Island Flea in San Fransisco. The flea market is hosted in the 1939 Historic San Francisco World's Fair building on Treasure Island, and to be honest most of the allure of the flea to us was the location. I had never been to the Island before, and the entire concept intrigued me. 

The Island itself is a man-made island that was created for the World's Fair, but later used as a naval base in World War II. We drove around the island and although some areas are rented out and people live there, most of the island looks like something right out of a zombie apocalypse with boarded up windows and moss/mold covered empty windows. 

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The flea market itself was the fanciest flea market I have ever been to. Outside the building food trucks were lined up and people were willing to stand in the rain to get a taste. 

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Inside there was a random assortment of things from jewelry to the typical used clothes and household items. The building was packed full of people and stuff for sale. 

Unfortunately I forgot the camera at home, so sorry for the grainy cell phone photos. 

Across the way from the main building there was a large warehouse that was portioned off with a stunning winery in one side. The building was beautiful and winery itself was drawing quite the crowd. 

Flea markets are a great way to find used items or your next new treasure. We came home with a great new tablecloth and some cloth napkins. By the crowds it's safe to say that flea markets are no longer a place for trash and are becoming a popular way to find what you are looking for. 

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