Sunday, February 12, 2012

Packaging woes

When I grocery shop I often choose what I will buy based on the packaging, and not in the way most people do. I don't care what color it is or if it has an attractive image on it, instead I choose by what has the least amount of packaging and the most amount of recyclable material.

That is why when I found these chips in a paper bag (completely recyclable) with no plastic in sight I got incredibly excited and decided to buy them. 

But when I brought them home and opened them I found a plastic bag hidden inside. So instead of buying a bag of chips that I could have recycled when I was done eating them, I bought a bag that has twice as much packaging as chips that are only in a plastic bag. They got my hopes up that the store was finally moving towards more sustainable packaging material. Looks like I will be writing a letter to the store asking for sustainable packaging. 


  1. Recyclable and eco-friendly materials matter more than how they seem to appear. A packaging design may spark people’s interest, but its effect towards the environment is definitely more substantial. Buying sustainable goods would be a good start. :)

    ~ Pearlie Mcilvaine