Friday, February 17, 2012

Airplane agitation

It seems like there are pockets of civilization that are completely resistant to sustainable efforts. One of the prime examples of this is the airline industry.

On my way to Los Angeles today I was yet again alarmed by the amount of waste not only created by the airports, but the individual airline flights as well. 

In the airport every vender hands out plastic cups, straws and other useless packaging when sustainable alternatives are readily available. On the airplanes themselves they use plastic cups to give people drinks. But to fill these cups they use single or double serving items that are already individually packaged in cans or bottles. They usually give the passenger both the plastic cup they poured a portion of the drink into as well as the bottle or can with the rest of the item. Why bother? Why not just give each passenger the item in its original packaging?

Then they give individual serving size peanuts (or death nuts for everyone allergic to them, including me) that only include at most 10 peanuts. At the end of each flight the amount of waste wrapped in their large plastic trash bags is truly astounding.

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