Monday, February 27, 2012

75 reasons being vegan is awesome

In my research for the project on veganism that I am currently working on I stumbled across an article that lists "75 reasons being vegan is awesome." Although I am not a vegan myself (a topic for another day), I thought the article was interesting, if not slightly ridiculous. 

Here are my top 10 from the article:
1. Never having to wear leather pants (honestly, no one can pull these off)
2. Never having to eat spam (I have avoided this for 20 years so far, and I hope to make it my entire life. eew.)
3. Not contributing as much to global warming
4. No dead bodies in my refrigerator
5. Eating food that's less prone to incubating bacteria
6. A lowered risk of osteoporosis
7. Better skin and fewer zits
8. Reducing the risk of acquiring many chronic diseases
9. Never having to cut and prepare blood-soaked food
10. Cheaper groceries

To see the other 65 reasons, go to VegNews.

What are the things that you think make being vegetarian or vegan so awesome?

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