Saturday, January 14, 2012

Plastic bag ban: San Jose

As of January first San Jose became a plastic bag free city. I, as you all know from my previous posts, am incredibly excited about the entire push to ban plastic bags, but to have a city I practically live in become plastic bag free is incredible. 

I hate to admit it, but I had forgotten that the ban had passed until I was standing in line at the grocery store and read a sign about it. Since then no matter where I go, stores have signs reminding people to bring their own bags. Not only did this legislation remove the damaging plastic bags from the city, but it also has led to stores and peers encouraging people to remember their reusable bags. One store I frequently get some of my groceries at has a large (I would say 3 feet tall) sign standing outside reminding people to bring their bags. 

Image courtesy of Zimbio

Some stores are even charging (typically about 10 cents) for each paper bag they give out. Even though that's not all that much money to most people, those 10 cents can really add up, and it becomes yet another reason for people to remember to bring their reusable bags. (Even though the disposal of paper bags is not only easier and less harmful on the environment than plastic bags, bringing reusable bags is always the best option – they save resources (including trees or petroleum), are durable, and they will last years.)

Image courtesy of Glamour

It's not often that I am encouraged by the legislation that is passed where I live or nationally, but this is one instance where I see an incredible potential for change. 

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