Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last few days of break

I am mourning the loss of sleeping in, eating hordes of baked goods,  being able to read the books I wanted instead of ones that were assigned, and being able to watch hours on end of How I Met Your Mother. 

In order to fuel my mourning session I am making homemade angel food cake and chocolate cupcakes (although I am giving away the cupcakes). I ended up having 12 egg whites left over from making a birthday cake, which I did not post about because it was quite the failure. It was somehow bitter, didn't rise enough, and was not that flavorful. 

The horrible cell phone picture supports how I feel about the ugly thing

Once I am done baking (and kicking myself for completely forgetting about an appointment that I had this morning), I will not only move on from my pathetic attempt to hold on to the wonders of Christmas Break, but I will also share an interesting article for anyone hoping to shed some holiday pounds, sustainably of course. 

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