Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great ideas for the next year

After hearing so many people talking about their New Years resolutions, I decided I should share my list of resolutions great ideas for the next year. I refuse to call them resolutions mostly because I do not want to have that irritating commitment that you then fail to accomplish and by March have completely forgotten. Instead I will have a list of things that would be great if I could stick to, but when I can't keep them up, it won't be so bad. 

1. Cook for myself more often. I will take advantage of the freezer and cook my own "frozen meals."

2. Avoid buying things, used or otherwise. The past few months I have had a serious weakness for clothes. In my defense, I have been buying pieces that will last me well into my future, and will also work great at a job. Plus, it was really time to get rid of my sweatshirts that I wore through high school.

3. Find the best homemade brownies and ditch the mixes. My roommates and I keep eating brownies, and I really think they would be better if they didn't come out of box. 

4. Spend more time doing fun things for blog and less time worrying about all of the other things I have to do.

5. Green the newsroom. I know they endlessly make fun of me for reminding them to recycle or double print things, but whatever. 

6. Introduce my roommates to composting, and accept the fact now that I will be the only one to take it to the compost bin outside. 

And now I am going to break one of them... I will start tomorrow.

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