Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fit and vegan?

I am so incredibly tired of people asking me how I get enough protein as a vegetarian. Everyone in the U.S. seems to assume that you need to eat meat to be healthy and fit. Even with the ever growing list of world class athletes and trainers who are completely vegan, including Venus Williams, Bob Harper, and Scott Jurek.

With millions of Americans vowing to lose weight and get in shape with the new year, knowing how to fuel your body is an important part. More and more information has been coming out lately about how being vegetarian or vegan is not only good for you, but can also help you meet your physical goals. 

A few days ago the New York Times posted an article,"Sculptured by Weights and a Strict Vegan Diet," about a body builder that has won championships, and also happens to be vegan. 
"[Veganism] has even entered bodybuilding, perceived by many as a population of vein-popping men and women thriving off meat and artificial enhancements. Competitors like Sitko are forging a distinctive subculture of antibeef beefcakes who hope to change more of their competitors’ eating habits."
With many people deciding to become vegan for countless different reasons, including health, animal rights, or sustainability, there are great resources online for recipes or even support. 

Although I truly admire those who have gone completely vegan, with all of my food allergies I am not willing to completely commit. I am mostly vegan already. The only things I still sometimes eat are eggs and butter.  But this year I will become more aware of vegan options and see what I can do. 

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