Saturday, December 17, 2011

homemade gift ideas: flavored popcorn

I was at the mall today (I know, it was horrible) and I was shocked at the prices of gifts that are modeled after homemade gifts. Cookie mix in a jar was $17 and hot chocolate mix was just as expensive as well. It's nice to know that corporations see the value in homemade gifts, I just hope that people opt to make them instead of buy them. 

As for homemade gifts, this one is kind of quirky and easy to do last minute. It would be great to be paired with vouchers to a movie or a coupon to see a movie with you. It can also be paired with a family fun gift or something along the same lines. 

Image and idea courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Homemade popcorn kits should include the popcorn, instructions on how to make it, the flavoring, and possibly something to eat it out of. You can make cinnamon sugar, salt and pepper, tex-mex, and any other flavors you can come up with. Instructions for how to make it can be found here. 

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