Saturday, December 3, 2011

Homemade gift ideas: baked treats

Every year my mom and I pull out our favorite recipes and plan out what we are making for family and friends that year. We make an assortment of cookies and pastries to mix and match for each person depending on their personal tastes. We put all of the goodies on platters or plates that can be reused by the person (we try to stay away from holiday themed items so that the recipient can use the dish year round). 
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It is not only relatively inexpensive, but it's also a huge hit with everyone we give it to. Just keep in mind that baking from scratch sends a greater message of putting time and effort into the gift rather than using a mix or pre-made dough. Another bonus is that my mom and I have a great time baking together, and it's a fun way to make every dessert we could possibly want and not have to eat them all ourselves.

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We usually make amazing short bread cookies that can be customized in countless ways - my favorite is with jam. We also make at least 2 other kinds of cookies, sometimes cream puffs, and biscotti, but really anything can be made. Just keep in mind how far something might have to travel to get to the recipient and choose accordingly. Happy baking. 

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