Sunday, December 11, 2011

Homemade gift idea: homemade journal

After eating a cookie from a batch my dad tried to make today, I realized I needed more gifts that did not involve baking as well as a wider variety of things, that way more people can find a gift they can easily make. I don't go anywhere without a journal or something to write in, so this post is something that caught my eye. Currently all of my journals are covered in fabric, and I love them.

I have never considered making my own journal, but after seeing how easy it is, I may just try it in the future. There are a lot of other instructions online that look helpful, but before looking I would recommend deciding the basic materials you want to use to narrow your search. A homemade journal can be anything from a large, intense bound journal to a few pieces of paper carefully tied together. 

Image courtesy of andchristina

Image courtesy of Serena3116

If making a journal seems like too much work you can also decorate one with fabric, painting, markers, or just a few inscriptions. 

Image courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

For instructions on how to make a fabric covered journal, check out this post as well as look for more instructions online. 

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