Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where have you been? My apology

I have quite a few half started posts that I have not had the chance to finish. With finals beating down my door and late nights at the paper, I have not been giving as much time to my blog as I would like. The good news? Finals will be over soon (relatively) and the paper is finished for the quarter. This means that my blog will be getting more love from me. 

Things I am planning (and excited about):
- Sustainable Holidays
- What is a GMO and why are people so concerned about them
- Holiday Recipes (cookies, warm drinks, and other delicious items thoroughly tested by myself : ) )
- and quite a few more

In the meantime, you can see my other work that has torn me away from my blog at The Santa Clara! Check out my recent article about our community garden, the Forge:
The hot sun beat down on the three volunteers as they struggled to pull the dry, dead plants from the soil in order to plant for the next season. The garden was empty, except for the three volunteers and the plants swaying in the wind.
At the start of its third year, the Santa Clara Forge Community Garden, located on the corner of Benton and Sherman streets, is in a time of transition. The garden's previous director, Patrick Archie, left over the summer and a new team has taken his place. New Director Joanna Johnson, Program Coordinator Natalie Yoder and Education and Outreach Coordinator — and Santa Clara alumna — Cara Uy ('11) have been doing their best to make the transition as smooth as possible, especially finding ways to attract more student volunteers.
"(The transition) has been really rough, but we're getting a lot of support, and nobody's really pressuring us one way or another," said Uy. "We get to kind of make the Forge our own."
One of the biggest challenges for the team is the lack of student volunteers. Volunteer workdays have been moved to Mondays and Thursdays from 2-5p.m. to make the times as convenient for students as possible.
However, many students have no idea that the university has a community garden, let alone where it is located or when they can help.
"We have this feeling that campus doesn't really quite know about the Forge," said Leslie Gray, executive director of the Environmental Studies Institute.
To keep reading go to The Santa Clara or pick up a copy on campus!

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