Thursday, November 3, 2011

Santa Clara University's goal of carbon neutral by 2015

I was shocked last year when I heard that SCU had a goal of being carbon neutral by 2015. I knew Santa Clara was starting many initiatives to decrease our carbon emissions, but I had no idea we had the ultimate goal of carbon neutral. The more I talked to people around campus, the clearer it became that students didn't know about our goal either. 

This lack of awareness led to dig deeper into our goal and how we were planning on getting there. For more information check out my article in The Santa Clara (front page above the fold!!!):
Santa Clara University has reduced carbon emissions for the first time in four years since committing a pledge for higher standards of sustainability on campus.  
The change comes just one year after President Michael EnghS.J., set the goal for the university to be carbon neutral by 2015.
"Our goal for the end of 2010 was to reduce our emissions 20 percent below to ‘97 levels by the end of 2010 — we got to 11 percent," said Lindsey Cromwell, director of the Office of Sustainability.  "A little bit disappointing, but we went in the right direction."
For the rest of the story go to The Santa Clara or pick up a copy on campus!

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