Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slightly sustainable birthday celebration

Due to the fact that it is midterms, I did not have a ton of time to make anything for my friend's birthday. In an attempt to make it as sustainable as possible with very little time or resources I ended up having to make cupcakes in papers as well as from a mix (which I am strongly against). Even though I did have to make them from a mix (and they do not taste as good as if I had made them from scratch), I made sure that they were organic and not full of preservatives or other unnecessary chemicals. 

What I could have done to make them more sustainable:
- Buttered the pan or used reusable silicon baking cups instead of cupcake papers.
- Made them from scratch to remove the plastic bags as well as the unnecessary waste from shipping the mixes. 
- Put them in a reusable container that is easy to cary and that my friend could keep.

Although they were not ideal, these cupcakes were still a way to celebrate his birthday without having to buy store-made cupcakes and waste even more resources and plastic packaging (plus all of the staff in the newsroom enjoyed them). 

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