Friday, October 21, 2011

San Jose Bike Party

It's the third Friday of the month and thousands of Bay Area residents are gearing up to make their way to the San Jose Bike Party. Today's theme is "The Rapture" in honor of the potential end of the world tonight. They have asked everyone to dress up as angels and demons in case the prediction yet again does not come true and Harold Camping needs some help saving face. 

Image courtesy of San Jose Bike Party

Bike Party has a nearly anything goes policy (except the rules on "How We Ride" and anything unlawful). People will light up their bikes, wear outlandish costumes, blast their music, and even pull couches and seats on trailers behind their bikes for the stops along the route. People ride on everything from rusted out or completely homemade bikes to the top of the line racing bikes. 

Image courtesy of Richard Masoner

About every 10 miles there is a major gathering in a parking lot where people get off their bikes and dance, meet new people, or show off their special talents (last year a rider did a sort of fire dance for everyone). It's a community built of frequent riders and those who have to unearth their bikes from the mountains of junk and dust that have been piled on it. 

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If you are an avid cyclist or just want to have a good time with a few thousand other people you should come out tonight and ride with us. For more information check out SJ Bike Party

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