Thursday, October 27, 2011

My first byline: San Jose Bike Party

This week has been absolutely brutal. Between midterms, group projects, the constant onslaught of interviews and writing for the paper and for class, and trying to find time to sleep, I unfortunately had time for little time for anything else (especially to give my blog some much needed attention). 

But out of this disaster of a week I got a gem — my first byline. What was not only the most fun I had all week, the San Jose Bike Party was also the best research I have ever had to do for school. Check out my story!

San Jose's Rolling Party
Riders decorated and lit up their bikes, blasted their music on speakers attached to their bikes or on a trailer towed behind them and dressed up as angels and demons in honor of the "Rapture" themed San Jose Bike Party on Friday night.
The San Jose Bike Party is a community bike ride organized and run by volunteers. On the third Friday of every month, people gather to ride their bikes around San Jose in different routes of about 20-30 miles with two stops along the way. The event draws people from all around the Bay Area, including Santa Clara students.
More than 4,000 people, many in costumes, hit the San Jose streets with their bikes in celebration of the ride's fourth anniversary on Friday night. Their shouts of "Bike Party" and cheering echoed through the neighborhoods along the route.
"I like the energy," said freshman Karina Soto, a San Jose native who participated in the Bike Party for her eighth time on Friday night. "(The Bike Party) is a lot of fun and everyone is really open and having a good time."
To continue the story go to The Santa Clara  or pick up the paper on campus.

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