Sunday, October 23, 2011

Farmers market: eating locally and building community

I have heard students talk about the local farmers market since I was a freshman, and yet for a variety of reasons I had never gone to one until this weekend. Even though it was small, the market still provided fantastic local foods, and saved me a trip to the store. 

Farmers markets can be incredible resources and assets to a community. They not only provide a place for farmers and local businesses to sell directly to people, but they also foster a sense of community and encourage people to get outside and interact with one another. 

At the farmers market near campus there were not only vendors for fruits and vegetables, but also bread, baked goods, jams, flowers, jewelry, and ready to eat foods. 

I enjoyed being able to interact with the vendors and see the wide variety of foods grown so close to where I live. The beautiful weather certainly helped as well. 

For Santa Clara students and local residents, check out the farmers market in Franklin Square, Santa Clara every Saturday morning. To find a farmers market near you check your local newspaper as well as searching online (most farmers markets are listed online). 

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