Wednesday, October 5, 2011

California Bans bisphenal A (BPA) in baby bottles and sippy cups

Last night Governor Jerry Brown signed the Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act into law which will ban BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups in California. This is a key step in decreasing young children's exposure to the hormone disrupting chemical. 

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“Governor Brown has put the interests of California’s children first in the face of intense lobbying by the chemical industry desperately trying to defend their use of this hazardous chemical in the products of our most vulnerable,” said Renee Sharp, head of the Environmental Working Group’s California office on their website this morning.
Even though BPA has not been banned from all food products, (such as water bottles, aluminum can liners, or even cash register receipts) this is still a key step that moves us toward the larger goal of a complete ban of the chemical. It is also important to begin with those who are the most vulnerable to the affects of BPA which are infants and toddlers. Ultimately the law that will go into effect on July 1, 2013, proved that with enough support we can stand up to big industries and their forceful lobbying. 

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