Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poor recycling in college

I took my first load of stuff to my new apartment today. After moving in and sorting all of the things I had to recycle or throw away, I was shocked by the poor sorting and recycling in our outdoor waste area (dumpsters for trash and recycling). There was cardboard and plastics filling the trash and plastic sheets and bags in the recycling. 

In my apartment the trashcan was full of paper and cardboard, and the recycling had non-recyclable plastics, plastic bags, and just plain trash in it. I do not understand not only how my own roommates do not know what can and cannot be recycled in our area, let alone all of the other students in my complex. 

It appears that we need even more education; however, its not like Santa Clara University has not tried. There are posters in our waste areas and stickers on our trash and recycling cans in our rooms that depict what can go in them. It really makes me wonder not only what more can be done, but also if people outside of college campuses do not properly sort their waste as well. 

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