Monday, September 12, 2011

Plastic bottles turned back into crude oil

What if all of the plastic water bottles we created could be turned back into crude oil? Vadxx, an energy company based out of Ohio has been asking the same thing and seeing what they can do about it. 

According to the company is taking plastics (even ones that cannot be recycled) and reverting them back to crude oil, the material state they came from:
"'Plastics are made from oil, and Vadxx has figured out how to create the lowest sulfur content crude oil in the word, from a commodity that might otherwise occupy space in landfills,' Vadxx CEO Jim Garret said in a press statement." 
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At least those bottles will not be polluting the landfills or oceans and instead will be used one last time to create energy (although it will take a great deal of energy to turn the bottles back into crude oil, and the oil itself releases a great deal of greenhouse gasses). Although this is clearly not a reason to use plastic water bottles and it is not the only solution to "recycling" or downcycling our plastic waste, it is a step in the right direction to clean up the massive amounts of waste we have already created while we move toward using alternate materials and decreasing production. 

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