Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My dorm room

After 2 weeks my roommate and I have our room mostly decorated. This year is probably the best my dorm room has every looked. Most of the materials I used are recyclable or compostable when they can no longer be used. 

I used postcards that are book covers to create the illusion of a headboard over my bed. It is visually interesting and adds different colors to my room. 

I also used a music poster and wrapping paper which is a "map" of San Francisco).

Because I spend so much time at my desk it has to be completely organized and interesting to look at. I positioned my white board so I can easily write on it from my desk and I used a milk crate to make up for the fact that I don't have a book case or shelves this year. It also helped me expand the surface area of my desk because I can put other items on top of it. The cork squares were a great way for me to create a "bulletin board" without getting me in trouble for damaging the walls.

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