Sunday, September 4, 2011

My daycation

Every year at least once my family enjoys a day at a Lake Berryessa. We spend all day on the water and leave feeling like we had a real vacation. We didn't have to fly, pay for a hotel or other accommodations, and we were able to step away from everything that is constantly calling for our attention and just enjoy each other. We are able to have the feeling of going on vacation without having to travel very far, which means it's more sustainable.

We had a great time on the water and I personally had a blast water skiing (until I got a little too comfortable and had to be reminded that I have no idea what I'm doing by two nasty wipeouts (I'm still feeling the last one). 

What we did to make our day-cation as sustainable as possible:
- Pack it in, pack it out: every single item we brought to the lake we took back with us. 
- We brought separate bags for compost, trash, and recycling. That way we didn't have to dig through food scraps to sort our trash when we got home. 
- We used silverware and reusable containers to hold all of our food.
- We only brought drinks in reusable water bottles and glass bottles. 
- Used only eco-friendly sunscreens.
- Wore sun protective clothing.
- Made all of our food from scratch at home (including local produce).
- Carpooled. 

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