Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Dinner

My roommates and I decided that we would have a "family dinner" every Sunday where we would cook and eat together. Because this weekend is the first Sunday that we have all been together and settled, we had our first dinner. We made lemon pasta and sautéed green beans. 

I had every intention of taking a really nice photo of what we ate and of all of us squished around our table, but I had to get to a meeting and we ended up having to rush. 

With all of our insane schedules we wanted to set aside a time that was just for us. We plan on cooking together, catching up, and making necessary arrangements for the rest of the week (like who is cleaning what, the items we are running out of, and anything else that we would like everyone to know). Although this may not be a necessary sustainable practice (although we did eat home-cooked, organic food), it is still a way of sustaining relationships and a comfortable living arrangement (which is especially important in college). 

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