Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living sustainably on a budget: Food storage

I am sure by now that my distaste for plastic is completely clear. Because I am building my kitchen that will not only be for my last two years of college, but also for many years after, I am avoiding plastic as much as possible. I know it is tempting to just buy plastic containers to store food in, but I am trying to buy non-plastic pieces that can last me for at least the next 10 years. I chose glass jars to store food because they are incredibly easy to wash and use. They are also attractive, so if we do not have enough room in our cabinets, having them out on the counter would be pleasing to look at. For people worried about the price, the reality is that these containers really are not all that much more expensive than plastic. I believe I paid less than $7 for the largest one, and they will last me significantly longer than the plastic alternatives anyways. 

I put all of my main, bulk ingredients in some of the largest containers I could find. This includes four, sugar, and oats. 

I also got containers to store my cereal and snacks. The container with the white lid is for storing leftovers or other smaller items. If I do not find a use for it in my kitchen it will surely end up holding rubber bands or some other office item in my desk. I have also been collecting used spice containers and other small containers to hold my spices. I plan on borrowing most of my spices from my parents and only buying those that I will use often (like cinnamon and oregano).

If you are worried about packing glass containers, I came up with many different ways to make it as safe as possible. In the photo above I packed other staple items in between the containers to keep them from banging together when moving (like rice and boxes). In my other crate I will use my kitchen towels and clothes to protect them. 

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