Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plastic bag ban

Portland Oregon joined the handful of cities scattered across the U.S. to ban single use plastic bags. Although it may seem small that a city has banned plastic bags, it's actually a big deal because it means we are one step closer to getting states to ban plastic bags. 

With all of the environmental impacts of the plastic bags, from production to disposal, we need to ban them quickly not only in our cities, but across the country. The ban of plastic bags is slowly starting to spread over a global scale as countries and cities across the globe stand up to our wasteful bag habits and plastic bag manufactures. 

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As courts stand behind cities' rights to ban plastic bags we need to continue to push for city and state legislation. We have a right to say no to plastic and our disposable culture, and to stand up to corporations whose only interest is to make money. 

Lets go Bay Area (and every other city in the world), it's time to make a difference so California can get our ban back on the ballots. 

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