Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living sustainably on a budget: silverware part 2

With so many people living in our townhouse this upcoming year I decided we were going to need a whole lot of silverware. I didn't want us to have spoons for breakfast and then not be able to have anything that requires a spoon the rest of the day.

Instead of going out and spending a fortune on silverware, I bought the first set off craigslist for $30. In hindsight I wish I would have thought of looking on eBay first. I found the second set on eBay and I only paid $50 (including monstrous shipping charges because silverware is so heavy) for a set of 49 pieces. At about a $1 a piece it was a price I really couldn't beat. They also had some really nice looking silverware (some completely new) for people who are looking to buy quality and not quantity. 

Are they beautiful? Not really, but they are incredibly functional and at a great price. In a few years when I no longer need enough silverware to feed 6-10 people all day I can invest in some beautiful used silverware. But for now, the way they look doesn't really matter - as long as we can eat, we are happy. 

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