Thursday, July 7, 2011

Living sustainably on a budget: silverware

One of my must needs for school next year is silverware. I could go out and buy a new set, but they are ridiculously expensive, unless I got plastic which goes against just about every fiber of my being. Instead, I have decided to find used silverware. I bought some from craigslist at the end of the last school year. 

I paid $30 for a silverware set for 4 (4 of each spoon, fork, and knife. A total of 24 pieces - $1.25 each). The only unfortunate things is that  they aren't pretty (but they sure do have character), the larger spoons can be serving spoons, and only 4 of us could eat at a time. I will be continuing my hunt for silverware (and pots/pans and a vacuum if you know anyone in the area who is looking to get rid of one : ) ) on craigslist, in local used shops, and garage sales.

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