Friday, July 1, 2011

Homemade Iced Tea

I have a tea obsession. I usually keep it well hidden, but anyone who visits me at my parents house knows the truth. This past year in my dorm room I had an entire drawer devoted to tea... and that was not even all of the teas I own. I love all teas — black, red, white, and herbal alike. The tea I drink depends on the day and my mood. The problem is that as the weather warms up, drinking warm tea can be slightly irritating. At school and other places I have bought iced tea, but it seems to always come with excess packaging and it's either too sweet or not sweet enough. Now that I have learned how to make iced tea I can have the exact flavor and sweetness that I want when I want it... It's a beautiful thing.

6 (or as many as you want to make) cups of water
6 tea bags (1 bag for each cup of water if you are making more than 6 cups)
sugar to taste (for me it was about 7-8 tea spoons (6 of the "teaspoon" we have in our sugar bowl. I like one per cup of tea))

1. Measure out your water with a little extra to allow some to boil off

2. Pour into a medium sized saucepan and wait until it boils

3. Turn off the heat and add your teabags (1 per cup of water)

I don't know why, but I love fruity iced teas. I decided to do a herbal peach because earlier this week I made a black peach tea. 

4. Once the tea has seeped for the time called for on the box/tin (typically between 3-6 minutes) remove all of the tea bags

5. Sweeten to taste (or not at all) while it is still hot so the sugar melts and mixes in well. 

6. When it is all done I pour it into a pitcher. When I travel with my iced tea I use my beautiful glass LifeFactory bottle because it is dishwasher safe (and thus super easy to get completely clean before pouring in my next tea). You can also store the tea in individual bottles, jars, ect.

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