Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Warm weather wonders

Yesterday as I was sweating through my shirt at work and trying to keep my sunscreen out of my eyes I couldn't help but wonder what this summer would do for belief in global warming. It seems like any time it snows, people in the United States decide climate change isn't real. I have tried to explain the global warming trends to my grandfather until I was blue, and yet he still disagrees with me because he got snow at his house and cities across the East were buried in snow this winter. 
Image courtesy of Nirmala's Mind
And yet that snow, and this warming trend across the United States are both part of climate change. In the United States we will have areas of cooling, warming, and desertification. It is not that every single place in the world will warm and no longer experience cool weather or snow. Instead it is the change in climate of that location due to increases in greenhouse gasses that are raising the earths average temperatures. 
Image courtesy of Is it getting warmer

Sadly, I still cannot help but wish that as summers heat up and people get annoyed with the heat that they will, at least for the summer, consider that climate change is an issue they should be concerned about. 
Image courtesy of Gravity Wiki

I don't know about you, but this map make me wonder more about  the global impacts of climate change than the currant climate or weather in the tiny portion of the world that I live my own life in. 

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