Sunday, June 26, 2011

My obsession with Food Inc.

Whenever my coworkers ask me if I think something is healthy (because of the "odd" things I eat they have deemed me some sort of health food manual) I get flash backs to Food Inc. The movie did not vastly change my life (I have been a vegetarian for more than 5 years mostly because meat freaks me out. To me its like chewing on your own arm... too weird and just not right. I have also been hyperaware of our food system in the United States), but it did make me more outspoken about the horrendous industry that controls the vast majority of what people eat. 

Whether you think you know almost everything there is about our food system or you have no idea what "factory farming" means, Food Inc. is not only shocking and interesting, but also a documentary you will most likely never forget. (Do not fear the word documentary. I promise it is interesting to even those who hate "all documentaries" (I have tested this statement on friends and family). 

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